How to Create New Supplier in ERP Software?

ERP supplier is a module that allows us adding Supplier in our ERP software. After login in Techbeoo ERP homepage, you will notice “Explorer” option. Inside the Explorer, you will find all modules arranged on the left side. If you click on the Buying module, you will find Supplier inside the buying module.


If you click on “New” button in the top right corner, you will find a page like below image.

Note: You have to click on “Edit in full page” in the box appeared.

supplier page edit

You have to fill some necessary information listed below.

Supplier Name: You have to provide supplier name here.

Supplier Type: Supplier type basically represents the category of suppliers. You have to create suppliers before you use. Once created, you have to select the supplier type from the list.

Country: You can select supplier’s country name from the drop-down list.

Print Language: If necessary, you can choose the printing language. Your document will be translated & printed in that language.

Tax ID: If you have any Tax information, you can include that in this section.

Currency & Price List: What currency will be used for a transaction between supplier and buyer, you can set it here.

Credit Limit: Credit limit refers to transaction limit. You can set Credit Limit for every supplier.

Default Payable Accounts: What accounting head will be used as default transaction account to perform any transaction with the supplier, you can set it from here.

More Information: If you have any extra information to add, you can add here.

Address & Contacts: You can add supplier contact details here.

After adding all necessary information, if you click on Save button, New Supplier will be added to your supplier list. You can use the supplier for your next use when you place a purchase order. In case you don’t know, how to create purchase order? You can read the below article.

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