How to Create Item in ERP Software?

What is an Item?

In Techbeeo, Item is the list of products or services of a company. Raw material or produced goods, all are included under the company item.

For example, if you are an owner of retail shop, then you have some products in your shop like soap, oil, salt, sugar, rice and many. All of them are considered as item in term of Techbeeo ERP.

How to Create Techbeoo ERP Software Item template?

To create new item in your ERP software, first of all you have to create an Item Template. You can create Item Template using two different methods.

If you write “New Item” in search box you will find a field as drop-down. Use this option to create new item in your ERP software.

create erp new item


You can use “Explorer” option of your ERP software to create new item as well. Follow the path “Explorer>Stock>Item”. If you click on “Item” module, you will find below page.


stock item


If you click on “New” button in the top right corner of above page, a pop-up box will open like below image.


new button


Now you will notice, “Edit in Full Page” option in the left bottom corner that will bring all the features of the page. Click on this option to add all details of your item.


edit in full page
Item Code:
You have to add an item code like “Comp” for Computer as short code. This has an advantage of use. When you have multiple computer item, you have to use that short code to find that specific item.What We Have In This Page:

item create


  1. Item Name: You need to write the full name of your item. Though writing the full name is not mandatory, but you can write the name properly, so that you can find the exact product later.
  2. Barcode Number: If you want to identify a product using barcode, you can add barcode number. This will help you identifying the product easily.
  3. Item Group: Basically, Item group is product category. If you have liquid products like oil, honey, milk etc, then you can create an Item Group called “Liquid”. You can create more item groups like electronics, cosmetics, baby food and more.
  4. Maintain Stock: When you are creating new item, you can check “Maintain Stock” option to add stock amount. If you select this option, you will find three different options like Opening Stock, Valuation Rate and Standard Selling Rate. Fill the information to maintain your stock. This will notify you, whether you have stock available or product stock out already.
  5. Default Unit Measurement: You have to set your item unit. If you count your product unit as Kilogram, then you can select Kg as product unit. If you count product unit is liter, then you can select product unit as lit and so on. Few common units are Kg, Lit, Pcs, Nos etc.
  6. Inventory: In this field you have to input some important instruction related to inventory.
  7. Auto Re-order: If you want auto notification before stock out, you can add maximum or minimum number here. So you will be notified that your stock is in danger zone.
  8. Serial Nos and Batches: If you have Serial Number and Batch Number, you have to add this from this section.
  9. Variants: Variant is most important part when you are creating an item. If you want to add different size variation and color variation of your product, you can do this from Variants option.
  10. Purchase Details: Using this option, you can set default unit, minimum order quantify and safety stock for your product. Also you can specify, your product is available for purchase or not.
  11. Suppliers Details: You can select supplier from this section. If you didn’t create any supplier till, then you can create supplier from this section as well.

There have more options you will find that helps you adding detailed information of your item.

Now We Will Learn How To Create Multi-Item?

If you have multiple color and size of soap and you want to input different size soaps with their color, then you have to add multi-item variation.

First of all you have to create a template for soap. Process is given below.

Step 1: go to “Item>New” then click on “Edit in Full Page” to enter all necessary information.

Step 2: Add Item Code for your product. We already discussed the process.

Step 3: Add “Item Name”. For example: Item Name: Soap

Step 4: Add “Item Group”. For example: Item Group: Grocery

Step 5: Maintain Stock: If you don’t want to add stock information, just unchecked the box.

Step 6: Variants: This is most important part for creating variants. You have to check “Has Variants” box and this will allow you to add some item attributes. Click on “Add Row” and add information for all attributes.

has variant

You can add sub attributes as well. Under the sub attributes you can create category and add information. This will create a list of products as template.

Step 7: If you open the “Soap Item” now, you will find “Make” button at the top right corner. If you click on drop down box, you will find single variant or multi variant.

Step 8: Using single variant you can create “Single variant” like below first image.

multiple variants

Step 9: Using multi variant you can create “Multi Variant” like below second image.

After adding all these necessary information, your item will be prepared for next use. In next few tutorials we will know how to create customer, how to create supplier and more.

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