What is ERP

What is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning that helps to manage your business easily and effectively. It helps to manage and organize your business more conveniently by storing all of your important data in the same place.

You can perform financial activities like Purchase & Sale Management, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, Production Management, Report Generation and Human Resource Management from a single place in a disciplined manner.

In simple words, ERP is a complete software that fulfills all of your business requirement by combining different business departments.

The key feature of an ERP system is that there has a central database that coordinates multiple activities used in different units of the business. For example, the Account department and Sales department might be relying on the same specific information. A good ERP software can integrate the whole process and share data across the system based on different permissions for these different tasks.

In good ERP software, packages are divided into few major parts that are known as Module. Modules are concretely interconnected with each other and they share data using Module to Module Dataflow that prevent Data Duplication. Due to data linkup, you can find any connected data easily.

How Procurement Process Occurred in TechBeeo ERP?

The following image shows a general procurement process of TechBeeo ERP.

General ERP Process
General ERP Process

TechBeeo General Procurement Process:

For an example, In a factory Engineering Department needs any materials. Using TechBeeo ERP, they can easily check if the products are available in the Store Department or not. If the material is out of stock, they can send Purchase Requisition (PR) to the responsible department. Purchase Department will process the Purchase Requisition and they will generate a Purchase Order (PO) to send it to Supplier/Vendor.

Based on the Purchase Order, Inventory Department will receive the good. After the Good Receive (GR) they will generate an invoice and they will verify the order. Upon receiving the invoice, the Finance Department will release the payment to Supplier/Vendor.

You can perform an overall process using TechBeeo ERP very easily and effectively.

In TechBeeo ERP, Quotation and Purchase Order are generated based on the information of Purchase Requisition. Depending on the Purchase Order, Inventory Department receives the goods. Every single step mentioned in the process (Purchase Requisition, Quotation, Purchase Order, Good Receive & Invoice) has a Unique Document Number. Depending on the Document Number, you can easily find any information very quickly.

Such as, using the Purchase Requisition Number (This generates, when related data stores in software), you can follow up the requisitor (Who Submitted the Requisition). You will get an overall idea about the present condition of that specific requisition based on Purchase Requisition Number. You will get an idea about Present Condition of Goods, Probable Receiving Date, Vendor Payment Condition and all related data as well.

As TechBeeo ERP stores all data in the same database, so every department is independent and they can access any data easily. For single data entry system in TechBeeo ERP, you don’t need to enter same data multiple times. This reduces the hard work; also you can easily use the data to analyze the report and proper management of your data as well. So you can take any technical decision really quick.

How Procurement, Manufacturing, Shipping & Billing Performed Against the Sales Order in TechBeeo ERP?

In TechBeeo ERP, Procurement, Manufacturing, Shipping, and Billing against customer sales order happens like below image.

ERP Flowchart
ERP Flowchart

What Are the Common Benefits of Using TechBeeo ERP?

Using TechBeeo ERP, you will find various types of benefits. Few common benefits are listed below:

  1. Reduce the Company Loss: A powerful and modern ERP software will prevent the Product Loss, Product Theft, and Discrepancy in Account, which will reduce your company loss.
  2. Increase Accuracy of Data & Saves Time: Using TechBeeo ERP removes the hassle of using Register Book, Work Order Book, Invoice Book and other similar books. All the transactional activity you can perform in TechBeeo ERP. So you can reduce the mistakes that supposed to happen if you made those calculations manually.
  3. Monitor Daily Transactions & Setting Work Plan: What is the condition of your Inventory? How many returned products? How many damaged products? The present condition of the transaction with suppliers? All you can monitor from the same place using TechBeeo ERP software. This will saves your valuable time and reduce costs as well.
  4. Quick Decision Making: Using TechBeeo ERP, you can easily generate Sales Report, Stock Report and other types of report that helps you taking a quick decision. You can identify which product is being out of stock soon from the report. Then you can take a quick decision if you want to add some products or you want to make the product stock out.
  5. Prevent Losing Important Documents: Using TechBeeo ERP software, you can remove the fear of losing your important business documents. All documents you can scan & save in software that you can find later when necessary.
  6. Everything You Can Monitor in 360 Deg Dimension: How much you are spending? What are the fields of spending money? What is the overall feedback? How much money did you spend as marketing purpose? What is the response after spending money on marketing? If you promote your business using different marketing platform, you have to track which media is returning more customer to you. You will able to monitor everything in TechBeeo ERP in 360deg dimension.
  7. Monitor Overall Condition of Your Business Around The World: TechBeeo ERP usages cloud technology that helps you monitor your business from anywhere in the world.

Some Common Modules Present in TechBeeo ERP:

  • Procurement Process
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Planning
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Sales
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Asset Management and Maintenance
  • Document Management System
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Website
  • E-commerce

What is Buying In ERP Software?

How to Create Item in ERP Software?

What is an Item?

In Techbeeo, Item is the list of products or services of a company. A raw material or produced goods, all are included under the company item.

For example, if you are an owner of the retail shop, then you have some products in your shop like soap, oil, salt, sugar, rice and many. All of them are considered an item in term of Techbeeo ERP.

How to Create Techbeoo ERP Software Item template?

To create a new item in your ERP software, first of all, you have to create an Item Template. You can create Item Template using two different methods.

If you write “New Item” in the search box you will find a field as a drop-down. Use this option to create a new item in your ERP software.

create erp new item

You can use the “Explorer” option of your ERP software to create a new item as well. Follow the path “Explorer>Stock>Item”. If you click on “Item” module, you will find below page.

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