Top 20 Software Development Company List 2018 (Updated)

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In the age of information & technology, software plays a vital role to make our life smart and simple. A software can help you minimize your hard work and multiply you afford a few time more. Thus modern people are highly interested to develop software for daily use.

ERP Software, Inventory Management Software, Account Management Software, Human Resource Management Software, Invoice Management Software, Retail shop Management Software, Desktop Software, Mobile Application Software are some common types of software that people develop for personal use and commercial use as well.

Software development company or software developer helps you developing custom software for your business or personal use. If you are searching software development company list, you can check this list.

We have tried to add an unbiased review of software companies all over the world to assist people who want to develop different kind of software for their company or business.

In this article, I will cover 20 best software development companies who develop affordable price software.

Top 20 Popular Software Development Company Lists – Updated May 2018

Techbeeo LogoTechbeeo Software Company Ltd: Techbeeo is a leading software development company who develops ERP Software, Inventory Management Software, Account Management Software, Human Resource Management Software, Invoicing Software, Retail Shop Management Software, Textile ERP Software, Desktop Software and Mobile Application Software as well.

Techbeeo started its journey in 2012 officially and developed thousands of custom software for many different companies. Techbeeo concentrates on quality, user comfort, and flexibility when developing any software. Techbeeo has developed few important projects for USAID, World Vision, Care International and Bangladesh Army. If you have any software development related query, you can contact Techbeoo Developer team.


Datasoft LogoDataSoft Software Development Company: Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a quality assurance system for software developers. CMMi is situated at Carnegie Mellon University, the USA who measures the maturity level of software. DataSoft Software Development Company is a CMMI Level 5 software Development Company from Bangladesh.

Datasoft awarded superbrands global media award for communication and publishing business. Datasoft is also ISO 9001 certified company that ensure international quality management system. Datasoft develops custom software for small and large companies. You can contact Datasoft if you have any query related to software & Web Development Tutorial.

Web Development Tutorial.


iTransition LogoItransition: Itransition is globally known custom software Development Company who has 20 years plus experience in the development sector. Itransition is working from 1998 and worked with more than 800 plus clients. This makes them popular in this industry and they worked with some popular company like Paypal, eBay, Adidas, Toyota, SSL, and Philips. For your complex software development project, Transition will find something helpful and complete your project with an easy solution.

Itransition is specialist on Enterprise application development and integration, Custom software development, Technology consulting, Software product development, Enterprise system development, Software testing, Dedicated development center and provides maintenance service with support. Feel free to contact Itransition team if you have any query related to software development.


DataArt LogoDataArt: DataArt is a US-based software Development Company who has some major branches in UK, Switzerland, and Germany. DataArt basically a consulting firm related to software, design, development, and implementation. They are running a software business from 1997 with a supportive mind that helped them growing very fast. Currently, they have 1500+ employee and thousands of customers.

DataArt provided their service to S&P Global, Betfair, Ocado, OneWorld and Nasdaq. They have a strong management team and intelligent team members that push them forward. With strong support and power, they are spreading their business in multiple locations. If you have any software development project, you can contact DataArt.


reve system logoReveSoft: From the starting of their journey in 2003, ReveSoft is helping people IP base software and telecommunication base software. ReveSoft has a wide range of capacity and they built VoIP Billing software, SIP Softswitch, Mobile VoIP and Bandwidth Optimization. ReveSoft developed a few popular software systems like Mobile OTT and e-Governance. ReveSoft has some major branches in different countries like Bangladesh, India, Russia, USA, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. Its corporate office is located in Singapore.


softeq logoSofteq: Softeq is a USA based software development company, situated in Houston, TX. Softeq is expert on hardware design, Firmware development, Sensor solution, and Backends. If you are searching solution for Linux Kernel Development, Embedded Linux Development, Android Kernel Expertise, Embedded Linux For the IOT, then you can contact Softeq.

They have a wide range of experience and an expert team to provide support. You can find any kind of support and service related to these services. Softeq already worked with Coca-Cola, Omron, HP, EPSON, SanDisk, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and more reputed companies. If you want to work with them, you can contact via their website.


logo 180 creative180 Creative: To develop your creative projects, you can contact 180 creative. They ensure high quality, standard and well-arranged codes on their projects. Skilled developer and management team is their main asset who pushes them forward. If you have any creative software development project, you can contact them. This can be a good solution for you to develop your creative project easily. Because team creative has a group of team leaders who are expert on this type of project management.


hq software logoHQSoftware: HQSoftware is a specialist in developing IoT Software like HealthCare, E-Learning, Finance, Virtual Reality and Video Solutions. With advanced workflow, HQ software develops apps for mobile and web applications. HQSoftware already developed 400 plus project for popular mobile brands like HTC. They worked for some popular brand link BBC, Sega, Skoda and World Health Organization (WHO) that make them popular in the software development industry.

HQSoftware has more than 250 employees and they are a specialist on developing an AR-VR application, IoT Solution, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Software Reengineering, Technology Consulting, Quality Testing and Assurance, Software Customization and Enhancement, Software Module Management etc.


Luxoft LogoLuxoft: Luxoft is a popular IT Service development company who develop a high-quality program and software worldwide. Luxoft is founded in 2000 and their current employment status is more than 10000 that means a lot. They assure the quality and standard of their work.

They are expert in IT infrastructure management, Software quality assurance, Software testing, Mobile and web application development and management, Architecture consulting and development, Security consulting, Energy software development and telecom software development.


Godel Technology LogoGodel Technologies: If you are searching agile software development expert, then Godel Technologies is one of the popular software development company who develops agile software. They are expert in the development, maintenance, and implementation of agile software. If you have any agile software development project, you can rely on them.

Godel has more than 200 employees and founded in 2002. They are an independent software developer vendor for a retail shop, construction, pharmaceuticals, financial services, oil and gas companies. They have advanced software development team who ensure quality and standard of their products.


xoriant logoXoriant Corporation: Xoriant Corporation is a software engineering firm who develops cloud computing-related software. After the establishment in 1990, they are working to make the technology better and simple. If you are searching a software development company for front-end and backend product development, you can rely on Xoriant Corporation.

They develop the high-standard mature product. To ensure good client relationship, they have customer support team and they have some renowned clients like Zinnov zones, CMMI-SVC and IAOP. They ensure client satisfaction with high effort and high-quality work.


intellectsoft logoIntellectsoft: Intellectsoft is USA based software Development Company who has branches in USA, Norway, UAE, UK, Finland, and Ukraine. Intellectsoft established on 2007 and providing support for custom software development, UI/UX Design, Big Data Analysis, Mobile Apps Development, IT Strategy Consulting, IT Infrastructure Management, Blockchain Solution, Product Design and Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Android and iOS Development and more.

Intellectsoft Wins Stevie Award for EuroAccident App in 2018 and it’s a great achievement for them that boosted them to work with more enthusiasm and hard work. Intellectsoft launches first augmented reality lab that has standalone AR development unit. After the establishment in 2007, they are growing astonishingly. Current employment status is 1000 plus that is amazing.


viron it logoVironIT: VironIT founded in 2004 and they have more than 250 employees working currently. They provide end to end software development service and the service included business software development, accounting software development, web application development, mobile application development and maintenance service for them. Already VironIT completed 1000 plus high profile project that makes them popular in the industry and understands their capability as well.

They are expert in Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development, Android and iOS APPS development, Mobile Game Development, Custom Software Development, Enterprise Software Development, Retail shop Software Development, Website and E-commerce Development and more.


mojo tech logoMojoTech: MojoTech is USA based company started their journey is 2008. Over the last 10 years, they are doing fantastic at their business. They provide Mobile Apps Development, UI/UX Service for iOS, Node.js Support, and Web Development Service. As a startup, they win some important award and featured on many popular magazines like the New York Times, TechCrunch and The Wall Street Journal. Though the number of employees is not huge, they always provide professional service for their clients. They are considered 32th fastest growing IT Company in the USA.


sciencesoft logoScienceSoft: After the establishment in 1989 in the USA, ScienceSoft spread their business in many different countries physically and they are working all over the world now by the grace of internet and technology. They have major branches in Finland, Belarus, and Vietnam that make them popular internationally.

Current employment status of the company is 500 plus that is really great. Over the last 30 years, they provide fantastic support for their customers. And they are developing mobile and web-based software, desktop applications, cross-platform enterprise solution, IT & software consulting, testing and maintenance service.


open excell logoOpenXcell: If you are searching a software development company in India, you can contact OpenXcell. They founded in 2008 and working with 250 plus employee currently. OpenXcell develops custom software for iPhone, and iPad, Blackberry apps development, Android apps development, Cross-platform mobile apps development, a different type of website like an e-commerce website, business website and account software like ERP, account management etc.


effective soft logoEffectiveSoft: EffectiveSoft is USA based Software Company who is a wide range of access all over the world. They are working from 2000 and over the last 18 years, they are doing a fantastic job. They have to major branches in USA and Belarus and current employment status is 500 plus. Basically, they develop software for trading platforms, Data management, time management, document management, helpdesk, and customer support management service. Additionally, they provide content management service for their clients.


jcommerce logoJCommerce SA: JCommerce SA is a Polish IT Company established in 2005. JCommerce has more than 500 software engineers and 750 plus employees working for them. Basically, they are a web-based software developer and they develop both front-end and backend as well. Core programming language is Java, PHP, and .net. They are expert in cloud computing, telecom software development, Business Intelligence and data management. They do outsourcing and IT consulting as well.


gorium technology logoGlorium Technologies: If you are searching medical software Development Company, you can contact Glorium Technologies. They are expert in health software development. Both mobile and desktop software as well. They provide big data solutions, health software development, desktop software development, Agile software development, EMR/EHR and Telemedicine software development service. Currently, they have 500 plus employees and they founded in 2010.


merix studio logoMerixstudio: If you are searching a creative software development team, you can check the online profile of Merixstudio. They have intelligent, strong and powerful software development, who is able to fulfill all of your requirement. They do UI/UX development using Python (A PHP Framework). They do front-end project management, UI/UX development, Web-based software and apps development in Django, PHP, Drupal, and Javascript.


Final Words: A software is an important element for business. If you want the best custom software for your company, you need to contact the best developer or software development team. I listed the top 20 software Development Company on my list. This will help you find the best developer or development team effortlessly. If you are searching for a software developer in your local area, you can use the above list to find the best software developer as well.

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Author: Masud Alam

আমি মাসুদ আলম, বাংলাদেশের ৩৬ তম Zend Certified Engineer । ২০০৯ সালে কম্পিউটার সাইন্স থেকে বেচেলর ডিগ্রী অর্জন করি। দীর্ঘ ৮ বছর আমি Winux Soft, SSL Wireless, IBCS-PRIMAX, Max Group, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Care Bangladesh, World Vision, Hellen Keller সহ বিভিন্ন দেশি বিদেশী কোম্পানিতে ওয়েব ডেভেলপমেন্ট এবং সফটওয়্যার ডেভেলপমেন্ট এর উপর বিভিন্ন লিডিং পজিশন এ চাকরি এবং প্রজেক্ট লিড করি। বিশেষ ভাবে বাংলাদেশের ১০০ জন জেন্ড সার্টিফাইড ইঞ্জিনিয়ার এর মধ্যে ৫২ জন ই আমার হাতে জেন্ড সার্টিফাইড হয়েছে। বর্তমানে TechBeeo Software Company তে সিইও হিসাবে আছি । পাশাপাশি w3programmers ট্রেনিং ইনস্টিটিউট এ PHP এর উপর Professional এবং Advance Zend Certified PHP -7 Engineering কোর্স করাই।

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